Barbara Clark

2010 Corn Mother Honoree


Barbara Clark was born in Grand Island, Nebraska in the late forties. When she was four years old, her parents divorced and her mother moved to Denver and became the sole provider for the family. She spent summers with her grandparents in Mankato, Kansas.
She graduated from Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School. After a year at the University of Colorado in Boulder, she had the opportunity to apprentice to Mana Pottery’s Denver studio. A few years later, she and several other young potters homesteaded undeveloped land along the San Pedro River in Arizona. Their joint creation, Cascabel Clayworks, continues to thrive as a part of the local community today.
Barbara has helpedrestore watershed function through her work for The Nature Conservancy. She and her husband David made hand-thrown utilitarian pottery for many years, although osteoarthritis made her stop in 2019. Along with neighbors, they work to solve issues that threaten rural life in their arid region.



All we need is love and a sense of place—time to grow to love and respect all the elements of where we are, coupled with a commitment to work together toward the common good.

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