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Remembering Our Ancestors and Representing Women from the South-West involved with Community Activism.

Return of the Corn Mothers is based on the Pueblo myth of the Corn Mothers.  The ancient Corn Mothers are said to have brought about the essence of creation, including the sacred Kachinas.  The idea for Return of the Corn Mothers is to remind us of our ancestors who have helped to shape the world we live in.  The name "Corn Mothers" is based on a myth of two sisters who represent the givers of life and are similar to the symbol of Mother Earth.  These sisters symbolize life, growth, creativity and the feminine aspects of the world.  A Corn Mother holds on to past traditions of her ancestors near her heart while helping others learn about the future.

Return of the Corn Mothers features women from a variety of ages who tell stories that helped shape the United States.  They represent the circle of life and the continuation of a never-ending story about love and perseverance.  This idea was created to share and remember the contributions our ancestors helped to make in our communities.


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