Carol Guerrero-Murphy

2016 Corn Mother Honoree


Carol grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, where her poet mother embraced the gifts the land offered, such as blueberries and camping, and her storytelling father pioneered satellite education for village students. She left Alaska for higher education, and eventually earned her Ph.D. in creative writing. After she earned her doctorate, she continued to combine her love of the word and education and took a faculty position at Adams State University, choosing ASU for its diverse enrollment and public status. She taught there for twenty years and retired from teaching in 2015 to focus on increasing ASU’s understanding of its role as a Hispanic-Serving Institution, and to help remove the barriers to historically underserved students. She is a proud mother, wife, sister, and auntie, close friend to a mustang and cats, ahiker, and writer, and is at peace waiting to see what follows today.



“Leadership is taking responsibility for what matters to you,” wrote Julian Weissglass, author of Ripples of Hope. And Lalo Delgado, author of the poem “Stupid America.” said that on the one hand, we should stay engaged and give our best to whatever we are called to, but that on the other hand, sometimes we have to rant and laugh and cry all at once.

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