Carolina " Carrie" Sandoval Mejia

2008 Corn Mother Honoree


Carolina “Carrie” Sandoval Mejía was born, at home, in Bernal, New Mexico in 1922, when parteras (midwives) and curanderas (healers) were the community’s medical practitioners. Even at 87 years old, she had a treasure chest of memories about rural life. She remembered when corridos (Mexican folk ballads) told stories of valiant men and women struggling to reach their destiny as a people.

She grew up with her two sisters and three brothers. Her father, Pantaleón Sandoval, participated in the Tecolote Land Grant. Her sister Sally continues as caretaker of this tierra sagrada (sacred land) with a long history of struggle. Carrie remembered being picked up from her ranchito (little ranch) in a covered wagon to go to school, as the wheels rumbled noisily down dusty roads. There were no fancy cars there; just simple people of the earth trying to carve out an existence. She passed down her New Mexican customs and traditions to her 15 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren, so that the family tree would continue to grow and prosper.

Carolina Mejia was born Sept. 17, 1922 and passed away on Dec. 26, 2009

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