Charlene Garcia Simms

2019 Corn Mother Honoree


Charlene Garcia Simms is a life-long learner and teacher. Her profession of being a librarian and genealogist feels like destiny. Since sixth grade she has been teaching others to read, because she discovered the magic of reading at the age of four. She believes people should know where they came from, so they can know where they are going. Each day, she teaches people to find their genealogical roots. Her activism and advocacy to help marginalized people find opportunities to better themselves has been a lifetime labor of love. Art is one example of her community involvement. With her husband Ed, she has organized at least twenty public art shows that focus on Hispanic artists. They knew that these artists had created masterpieces, but were hiding them because they did not have the confidence or encouragement, or a place, to showcase them. Governments come and go, but the humanities, art, literature, dance, music, and theater last forever.  This is what she tries to preserve, in her life and work. 



People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.
—Maya Angelou

Once you learn to read you will be free forever.
—Frederick Douglas

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