Claudia Ebel

2016 Corn Mother Honoree


Claudia was born with a deep passion and strong aptitude to work with people and the planet. She grew up in Denver, and as she saw the city expand, she was prompted to explore her interest in both food production and community development. She began traveling throughout Latin America, and beyond. Her professional life was a patchwork of many experiences that wove together principles of education, health, food production, and food preparation, and she was involved in a myriad of non-profit organizations and business ventures. Complementing her work life, she loves to explore nature, pull weeds, try her hand at visual arts, and cook up whatever is in harvest. She speaks Spanish as a second language. At home in Alamosa, Colorado in the San Luis Valley, Claudia has taught low-income families how to eat nutritiously on a budget, while helping build a 38-acre agricultural park along the Colorado River.  



We must work to pick up each beach-stricken starfish washed up on shore from the storm and put them back into the ocean one-by-one every day, even if we can’t get them all, for the very practice of doing the best we can in every moment that we can.

(Starfish Story, original source

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