Evelyn Valdez Martinez

2008 Corn Mother Honoree


Evelyn was born and raised in the small town of San Acacio in southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley. One of nine children, she learned early that her parents’ 850-acre ranch was a laborof love that required all available hands to mend fences and herd cattle. In the shadows of the lush Sangre de Cristo mountains, she bonded with her natural environment and was impressed even as a child with nature’s beauty.
After graduating from Trinidad State Junior College with a degree in Fine Art and Interior Design, she pursued a career in real estate and commercial art. After raising their two children, she and her husband focused their attention on missions to tribal people in Mexico as part of their commitment to Amigos Ministries, through the Peace of Christ church. Today, this award-winning oil painter divides her time between her studio work in Denver and her humanitarian work on behalf of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s Copper Canyon.



It has been revealed to me that strong women are the “dance of life.” They create, nurture, and enhance life. During every hardship that a family endures, these women take the lead. They work hard, they comfort, they cure, and they somehow keep their families and communities together. They come through in a soothing rhythmic dance. These women come to the twilight of their lives with a well-earned confidence, secure in who they are. These pillars of our society are truly the “Corn Mothers.”

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