Judy Newland

2010 Corn Mother Honoree


Judy was born in Lake City, Iowa in the north central part of the state, where she peered out from the cornfields on the family farm into a wider world. She taught for the University of Colorado at Boulder as a lecturer, and ran the Cloth Conspiracy textile company. She served as a faculty associate and as director of the Museum of Anthropology at Arizona State University, until retiring in 2014. She worked in the museum field for over twelve years at a variety of university museums.. She has taught many graduate seminars, including Exhibit Design and Development, Museums and Communities, Museums and Popular Culture, and Material Culture. Over the past decade, these classroom experiences have engaged and challenged students, while instilling in them a deeper understanding of world cultures through textiles. 
Judy received advanced degrees from the University of Colorado (M.S. in Museum Studies/Anthropology, 2000) and the University of Nebraska (M.A. Textile History, 2007). She is a practicing tapestry weaver, with archaeological textile fieldwork experience in Peru, and is experienced in indigo dye processes and cultural practices from around the world. She has also specialized in Southwestern style weaving.



“Passion—There are many things that will catch your eye,but only a few will catch your heart . . . pursue those.”
– Anonymous

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