Lois Harvey

2008 Corn Mother Honoree


Lois Harvey was born in Beaver, Oklahoma to a family of teachers, farmers, and nursing folk. She was a product of her times: born in the fifties, a baby boomer. She has been active in many professional, political, social, and charitable groups, despite an essentially introverted nature. She is the founder of West Side Bookstore, a unique, independent shop that offers rare, collectible, and new books in the heart of Denver’s historic Highland Square neighborhood. In the early 1900s, the book store, now renovated, was an auto dealership, and later, a garage. The shop has hosted many literary and musical events, in addition to its commercial function. As a bookseller, Lois always endeavors to keep a finger on the literary background of her neighborhood, while also operating an online bookstore.



I embrace the wise sayings of my mother: “Laughter is the best medicine and it doeth the heart good.”

Plus, “You reap what you sow.”

I should also hold close the quote of my friend AJ: “Assume positive intent.”

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