Raven Winston Mercado

2010 Corn Mother Honoree


Raven was born in Pennsylvania in 1970. Her parents built a house in the woods, where she and her two siblings grew up, surrounded by nature. 
At 18, Raven traveled to India and Mexico, where she encountered the Huichol people. She admired the beauty and simplicity of their traditional lifestyle, and the vibrancy of their disappearing culture. These experiences inspired a path of self-education that included anthropology, botanical medicine, organic gardening, ethnobotany, and art. She moved to
Arizona in 1991, where she has continued to seek knowledge and inspiration from traditional Native American teachers.
Raven plays the role of Corn Mother quite literally, by growing food for her family and community. With respect for the seeds borrowed from ancient peoples, she uses modern means to sustainably produce pure food. She enjoys sharing both the food and the knowledge of how to grow it, and encouraging others to do the same.



“Love what is

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