Laura (Laurita) Naranjo

2022 Corn Mother Honoree


Laurita’s maternal family moved from Colorado’s San Luis Valley (El Valle) to Denver in the 1920s. Her paternal family migrated from Nova Scotia in the mid-1800s. Her parents Evelyn and Paul met in Denver during the Depression. After marrying in 1953, they moved to California, where Laurita was born. Later, they moved back to Denver, where she met her maternal grandparents and learned stories, music, and her family history.  
As a child Laurita had nuclear war visions and knew the dangers of fallout and nuclear weapons at Rocky Flats in Colorado. With family support, she committed herself to anti-nuclear, social justice, and First Nations causes, along with working for 17 years in the nonprofit sector.
Throughout life, she has met with community and tribal leaders, the International Two Spirit Society, and women who have become her spiritual maestras. She has three amazing children, born and raised on Denver’s Northside. Laurita is blessed with four grandchildren, the most precious loves of her life.

Laurita 'S


“Xitetemachi Tlatzotlalistli. Confía en el Amor. Trust Love.”  

QUETZALHUITLZILIN (Brilliant Feathered Hummingbird) Laurita Naranjo

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