Norma Johnson

2022 Corn Mother Honoree


Norma Johnson is a healer, inspirationalist, poetic storyteller, and racial justice facilitator who brings a creative background into her distinctive presentation form of activism and education. Using oral forms of storytelling as a spoken word artist and playwright, Norma highlights stories of our shared humanity, history, and heart. She collaborates with a dynamic range of organizations, institutions, faith communities, arts groups, and civic groups, and with educational forums such as the highly regarded annual White Privilege Conference. Her deeply moving poems are featured in racial justice courses taught by educators across the country. Norma’s storytelling inspires awareness and insight and the power we have to bring paths of healing into our future.

Norma 'S


“‘Back to the drawing board.’ I think that the drawing board of life is a very creative format. Come back to it often and enjoy the art.”

Norma is on pages 39-42

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